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Ich hatte die Freude, mit WissenschaftlerInnen verschiedenster Fachhintergründe und aus ganz unterschiedlichen Ländern zu arbeiten. Jede und jeder auf ihre und seine eigene Art und Weise einzigartig.

Hier finden Sie eine Auswahl an Feedbacks, die ich im Rahmen von Einzelcoachings und Workshops bekommen habe.

Ich danke allen, dass sie sich die Zeit dafür genommen haben!

Sie finden Zitate in keiner bestimmten Reihenfolge und in seltenen Fällen mit vollem Vor- und Zunamen. Vertraulichkeit ist mir sehr wichtig, gerade im Coaching.

Weitere Referenzen finden Sie auch auf meinem LinkedIn Profil.


Was Klient:innen sagen

Miranda, Scientist, Max Planck Gesellschaft (2021)

"Meike and I met via the MPG Coaching scheme. I was looking for a path out of academia, but was struggling with identifying one, and with leaving academia in general.


Right from the first session Meike made me feel comfortable and heard, and through our following three sessions walked with me through my feelings and thoughts, not letting me hide from anything, but not pushing me either.


The 'homework' sheets helped me focus outside our sessions, and gave me food for thought between our meetings.


Meike's coaching made me feel more empowered, and I have started to know myself better. It is very hard to leave academia, but with Meike I feel that I found a path and the strength to walk it. I still think about what I learnt, months after our sessions finished.


So, in summary, I would definitely recommend working with her, and I would go back to working with her in a heartbeat if I needed more support or advice."

Julia (2022)

"Meike supported me during a difficult time in my job where I was not happy and also lost my future perspective.


It was clear that I had to change something, but at that time I didn’t know how to change. Leaving my job felt like a jump into the unknown. But Meike was with me, which gave me the security to make a bold decision and quit my job without knowing what would come next.


Meike is a great listener and extremely empathetic. She tailored her coaching to my situation and I believe that is why her coaching is so successful. 


I am very grateful that she supported me in this process because with her help I landed a new job and most importantly gained back my confidence and optimism.”

F.S., Postdoctoral Researcher, MPI for Astronomy (2021)

"I met Meike via the Max Planck Society Career Coaching while taking the first steps to transition from academia to industry. I immediately felt at ease chatting with Meike and we set up a coaching strategy tailored to my needs.


I found her coaching approach inspiring and extremely helpful. Via hands-on and self-reflection sessions, Meike gives you the tools to evaluate and empower yourself, and the ability to proceed along your path, also when the coaching is over. Thanks Meike! I'll be forever grateful."

Deepti Agraval (2021)

"It’s rare that you come across a person who clicks you in the first visit. 


I had the pleasure of having Meike as my career coach in the last semester of my PhD.


I was always in awe of Meikes ability to get into people's mind and help to express themselves. She helped me evolve the best out of myself, which took my CV and cover letter to the next level."

Sebastian, Postdoctoral Researcher, LMU (2021)

When I came into the coaching, I had a lot of anxieties and felt incredibly dependent on my current employer. Thanks to our sessions I realized that I am not restricted to one career only. Our coaching widened my horizon and opened my eyes to my possibilities!


Now I know what my next steps are, I am more relaxed and thanks to our coaching I even found back joy in my current job!​"

Alice, Postdoctoral Researcher, LMU (2020)

"I really enjoyed this coaching with you. You managed really well to let me open up about what I think, want, need.


The exercises were great to prepare our sessions and structure my mind. I appreciated your time-management during the sessions, how you made a plan and were still flexible, yet always stuck to our overall goal.


Each time I came into the session I was in need of some enlightenment, and afterwards, I got that!"

Eveline Molocea, Consultant (2021)

Meike is a highly trained professional, incredibly invested in supporting her clients and passionate about helping them discover themselves. She is a great listener, able to identify, adapt to and and empathies with different personality types.


Meike was a tremendous help in my transition from academia to industry. I had the pleasure of benefiting from Meike's guidance during the last months of my PhD in life sciences. I had previously attended several career workshops organized by Meike and her warm personality and her personal experience with the struggles of a PhD led me to approach her for career coaching.


I went to my first session feeling completely lost and thinking my atypical academic background was my biggest disadvantage. Meike help me realize that it was, in fact, my biggest advantage as it set me apart from most of my peers. Together we worked on identifying my skills and framing them in the context of a job outside of academia.


I highly recommend Meike for her incredibly competent, invested and empathic career coaching.​"

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